Mermaids Card

Hi all!

A few days ago I shared this cute card I made with lovely Mermaids I absolutely adore!

I colored them with Chameleon Pencils and I love them so much. It's so easy to color with them and you have a lot of colors to chose from!

I stamped them, I colored them, I cut them and than assemble it onto the card! This is so called spinner card so the little shell is moving around them! It's supper cute and fun!

Colors used: 2/01, 2/02, 7/01. 7/02, 4/01, 4/02, 10/01, 10/02, 1601/, 16/02, 20/01, 20/02, 8/01, 8/02-

Suitable for all the Mermaids out there (including me and my sister) lol


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