About me

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Sandra and I am from Slovenia. I am a wife and a craft maker. I have a lovely cat named Kitty that I adore and she is my princess and my best friend! I am still in search of my dream job that will allow me to shine but till than I will pretend that my hobby is my job. I love colors,  fairy tales, magic, sparkle and I love to dream and sometimes dreams do come true!

I speak several languages: Slovenian, Italian, English, Croatian, Serbian and a little Spanish.

Recently I started my Youtube Channel because I wanted to show how I do my cards and all other crafts. It's so funny for me to watch my videos because it's almost like you are watching someone else's video, but you know that there is you. I love to watch Kristina Werner's and Jennifer McGuire's videos because those are always so interesting to me. Even dough I now have my own Youtube channel I felt like something is missing. So I decided to put my fears away and to get out of my comfort zone so today I officially started my blog too. I know there will be a lot of grammatical mistakes but please bear with me! 😄

So let's get started!

Me & Kitty


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