New Job, New Adventure

Hi All!

So here I am again with my new Post. I am a little late this time, so I do apologize for that.

I have a situation where I don't know where my head is right now. For those who don't know me that well, I live in Slovenia in a small town, named Koper. At this moment I don't have a job so the living is a little bit harder even though my husband is working really hard to make it little more easier for us.

So the summer is almost here and me and my sister Tjaša did get an opportunity to work a seasonal work in Croatia on a Island Pag. After a little family talk, we decided that we will take this opportunity and we are excited.

But it's not that easy to leave my husband and my little cat Kitty at home. So this will be one of the many challenges, for all of us.

The other challenge is that as you already know I am a craft and card maker and as such I have a lot ... no really, A LOT of supplies to take with me, if I intend to go on with my hobby! Lol If you want to put your videos and photos on the Internet you need the connection to INTERNET and a computer to work with. So I think at this time you know I want to say. It will be a challenge but I signed for it so LIFE, bring it on! Lol

The next time that I will post something, it will be from my new temporary home and I will tell you more about my adventure. So stay tuned!

Wish me Luck, I will need it!

Lot's of love! ❤❤❤

Sandra K.U.


  1. Ma bit ce sve super💟💟💟💟

  2. All the best in this new beginnig!
    I am an artist too and believe me I KNOW what it is to move with your craft supplies around! (just moved from Argentina to Italy where I distribute Chameleon Art Products.)
    Today I am sharing a post ChameleonPens shared in their fanpage created by you and so I am tagging you in my post. It was an amazing butterfly 3D card... you can expect a wave of viewers from Argentina to land in your blog and a few from Italy as well as I am launching my blog in this new language too :)
    Keep up your amazing work... take it with you wherever you go and once again, all the best! :)
    LINK TO THE BLOG: is already posted! and the italian version: (will be up in a couple of hours)


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