Chameleon Design Team 2017 member

Hi to all!

It's me and I can proudly say that I am here in Croatia working and swimming and Card making! And it feels good!

So first of all I need to tell all of you that doesn't know it yet, I am a member of a Chameleon Design Team 2017! Finlay I can say it to the World and I am so happy and grateful! So stay with me and I will do my best to show you how wonderful those products are! I am already in love with them!

This is my first card that I made as a Design Team member! It's so amazing how those Pens works! You can see a lot of colors on my Butterfly but I made it just with 5 Pens! Really!! So go to their blog where you can find all the information's of how it's made!


Stay with me and you will find a lot of great ideas mad with a lot of great materials and supplies. I promise to you it will be worth it!

Lot's of love!! ❤❤❤

Sandra K.U.


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